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All permissions are incremental. Users will start at User rank and work down the list getting all the privileges of the previous rank still:

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Sassy Rules

Thank you for chosing to spend your time here with us at Sassy.

  1. 1. Sassy is an inclusive community and as such any hate towards anyones life choices will not be tolerated regardless of who you are.
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The quickest and easiest way to report any activities you feel is in breach of our rules is to use the report function. Using the report function alerts all staff to the issue and will be handled accordingly.

Reporting is available in rooms as well as DM's and there are different processes for each.

Room Report

When in a room you can use the flag that is to the right hand side of every message posted in the room.

DM Report

CAUTION: When reporting a DM the last 5 messages of the conversation will be forwarded to staff.

When in the DM you wish to report click the cog to the top right and then click report, Again, this will send to all staff.